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Poetry by Anthony

Knock Knock …… Knocking

Many a doors have I knocked

Some answered me, and some did not

And some doors, on my face have been shut,

Yet I keep on searching and seeking

For that Door, welcoming me with arms wide open.

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The Song of a Caged Bird

A bright yellow canary bird

With traces of blue and beak pink;

Captive she was, her conditions bleak,

Running around in her cage iron black

Searching for escape, that’s a fact,

A great song bird she was, in her days wild

No sooner thrust in cage, her songs declined,

Now barely able to flap her wings

How unfair of us, expecting her to sing!

Numerous times, she appealed for freedom

But to no avail, was given attention seldom,

Like a circus clown, we wanted her to perform

Entertain us, when she would rather in sorrows drown,

Then one bright morning, as we gathered round the cage

To our great dismay found

Her prayers have been granted

The song  bird forever has left the cage.


Ode to a River

As I sit in solitude by her side

The morning rays of sunshine sets the river alive

The heavenly clouds from above they peer

Softly into hear ears the wind whisper


And she replies gently with a murmur

Life a youthful maiden, shy yet brave

With eyes open wide in curious delight

She continues her voyage with courage and might


Like an adorned princess so complete in grace

In path unforeseen, she offers herself again and again.

In her sweet genteel playful moods

She blesses everything by her touch

And in occasional angrier times

She outbursts her emotions, in ravage and destruction much

But only to forgive and be forgotten soon enough.


As I watch her flow by in spellbound captivity

Lo, behold , I never come across such a beauty

Slowly as the vision fades away,

Imperfect thoughts hovering in mind

I try to trace her origins

But from whence she comes nobody knows.



Streams of clouds, like boats

Floats across the ocean of blue sky

The autumn golden yellow leaves

They shine in triumphant glory.

Verily on the verge of its Death

Soon only, to wither and fall away.

Suddenly a wave of sadness overwhelmed my soul.

Grief inexplicable, beyond words to be told.

And with tireless eyes I probe, for a friendly face

In crowds of people, of our lonely human race

The last drop of day light

Was squeezed out from my sight.

Another nights falls – with a heavy heart

I lay my head down to rest.


Acting Career


God Bless The Broken Road Insurgent 10 West productions

Harold Cronk Director 2016

Homeless Awareness Film Project Tough Guy Paul Van Dyke,Director 2016

Mena The Mexican Man Cross Creek Pictures/Imagine Entertainment 2015

Who will Fix it? Who will Mend? Anthony Mondal Mondal Productions 2015

Das Wolf Tony Steve Ciccone Productions/LionsGate Films 2012

Trouble At London Bridge. Ray Mondal Productions 2010

Hotel Distortion Omar The Poet (2nd Lead) Purple Dream Productions 1999

I put a Spell on You Sirajul Midnight Sun Productions 1998

Mr. Friendly Cone American Indian, Ice Cream Man Marc Posner Productions 1998

Tree Shade Student Film Toy Store Manager(Principal) Columbia University Grad Film 1998

Picture Perfect Friend of Groom (Wedding Scene) 3 Arts Entertainment/ Twentieth Century Fox 1996

Sabrina Moroccan Waiter Paramount Pictures 1995

TV & Video:

24 Legacy Jihadi Fox Television Series 2016

Black Jesus Web Series The Juror Christen Rocket Adams, Director 2016

Sleepy Hollow Soccer Dad at Game Fox TV Series 2016

Conan O Brien Iraqui Musician NBC Television 2002

Saturday Night Live (SNL) Cuban Soldier NBC Television 2002

I am An American 9/11 promo - Unity in America MTV Productions 2001

Strangers With Candy (Upright Citizens
Brigade) Hazardous Material Man Comedy Central 2000

Strangers with Candy (Career Day) Landlord (Principal) Comedy Central 1999

New York Under Cover Detective Universal Television 1998

Swift Justice Delivery Man Universal Television 1998


Puppet Show Fairy Tale Gezon Auditorium Calvin College, Michigan 1994

Various Plays Various Roles Gezon Auditorium, Calvin College,
Michigan 1994


Rico Printer Businessman Jim Sylvano Productions 2001

Geico (Auto Insurance) Scientist Union Square West Productions 2000

Parkway Hospital Doctor (Principal) Deerfield Film Productions 1997

Kodak Doctor (Principal) Broad Street Productions 1996


C Publications Suburban Dad C Publications 2014

Bad Religion (Band Name) (Album Cover) New Age Salesman Terri Richardson Photo shoot 1999


West Michigan Fashion Show Model Iconic Styles 2016

Work: Work
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