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Humans Vs Demonides

Poetry by Anthony Mondal


The cosmic laborers have taken over Planet Earth

The cosmic laborers of Planet Demonide

Earth, God’s favorite planet is now a demonide colony.

God weeps over His creation and his captive human children.

The rule of Demonides have forced God’s children into exile.

God’s children, they roam in wilderness shedding tears

….Shedding tears at the sad plight of Planet Earth.

And Earth, God’s beautiful planet used to be

A place of bountiful nature, fruit flowers and melodies sweet

An eternal spring playground, for the Humans and Divines to meet

Now is a prison made of steel, bricks and concrete

Where the demonides dictates and the humans weep.

Music Arts and literature they all have been banned

People pursuing Arts declared insanely mad.

And their glossy appearances, on beautiful maidens have cast a spell

Rescue we must our beautiful maidens from their shiny cell

Everything that glitters, to the demonides eye appear like gold

By hook and crook it must be bought and sold

And they build and rebuild and build some more

Till their soul hardens and suffer no more

Cacophony of noises the demonides adore

While Silence- they can’t tolerate

And to contemplate things beyond this material world

Well that is just too difficult for them to comprehend.

Mean arrogant overbearing and fools

Like a plague they have descended on the Human schools

By the brute force crushed, broken and torn apart

Defeated and humiliated is the sensitive human plant

Exploit, abuse and tyranny rampant

The demonides willing to kill the soul’s music triumphant.

Glorious Nature, fleeing in terror with her silent feet

Endlessly harassed and traumatized by their relentless pursuit

Not a moment’s peace, not even a little rest

And she weeps and mourns, remembering her pristine days

Where have friendship and joyous feasts have vanished?

Where is the celebration that was promised?

Dark days indeed have fallen upon Earth

Gloom reigns supreme, while misery boldly marches on

Yonder you hear the blood thirsty war cry of the demonides

To join their evil ways, for surely would be a spiritual suicide

And yet Hope still faintly beats her drum

Band together O Humans if you hear Her drum

Truth stands patiently by the way side

His luminous robe my mortal eyes blinde

Have ye Faith, have ye Courage O Humans

Your glorious days on Earth is about to begin

And certainly the day is near when the demonides will fall

Victory to Thee, Victory to Humans, Victory to your oppressed Souls

Anthony Mondal 16.jpg

The Dilemma of Life

Is life just an illusion?

Where human beings are in total delusion

Or is it the vision of an ever better tomorrow

Which never seems to come.

Is life just mere formality?

A place where people worship artificial decency

Or is it about utmost sincerity

Which holds up our integrity and human dignity.

Is life just shattered dreams?

Where more dreams are discouraged than encouraged

Or is it the perseverance towards one’s dreams

Which gives significance to an individual’s worth.

Is life just fragmented events at random?

A place of chaos and mayhem,

Or is it fragments fused invisibly by the hand of God,

To make sense of the order that lies amidst the chaos.

Is life just mere apathetic utter Ignorance?

Where many dwell in stupendous Arrogance

Or is it the brilliance of Knowledge

That illuminates our life like a new Sunrise.

Anthony Mondal 18.jpg

A Topsy Turvy World

Fish they nest up in the trees

Birds swim deep in the blue sea’s.

Men and women live in forests naked

While the beasts walk around in suits well dressed.

People walk with their legs held high in the air

And the heads they are dragged on ground

The sky is below and the ocean above

Somehow it just does not rain and drench us all.

The moon blazes during the day

And the sun throughout the night dazzles.

And the change of seasons, they are seen no more

Curiously as I watch the scenes unfold, trying to make some sense

Then it dawned unto me

Oh it is a topsy turvy world!

Born out of a mere fragment of my Imagination

And nothing more at all.


Anthony Mondal 37_edited.jpg

A Tribute to Women and Gold

Beautiful women and Glittering Gold

Makes the world go round and round;

From a time long, long ago.

A pretty Woman and a little Gold;

We all know?

Will lead many a men to sell their soul.

Though verily, this lust for Women and Gold

Is the driving force, behind this chariot of Mankind.

Truly without which, there would be

No un – folding of the history of Mankind.

It is the sole impetus of the explorers;

The urge of Great Conquerors;

The only passion known to painters, Artists

And Poets in multitude.

Without Gold and Without Women

Earth would still be a dwelling

But a prison house, with walls strange and unknown:

So with a heart gratified:

I pay my indebted respect and tribute.

To all the Women and Gold;

Past, present and future I salute.

Without them, mankind would have nothing to contribute.

Anthony Mondal 30.jpg

Acting Career


God Bless The Broken Road Insurgent 10 West productions

Harold Cronk Director 2016

Homeless Awareness Film Project Tough Guy Paul Van Dyke,Director 2016

Mena The Mexican Man Cross Creek Pictures/Imagine Entertainment 2015

Who will Fix it? Who will Mend? Anthony Mondal Mondal Productions 2015

Das Wolf Tony Steve Ciccone Productions/LionsGate Films 2012

Trouble At London Bridge. Ray Mondal Productions 2010

Hotel Distortion Omar The Poet (2nd Lead) Purple Dream Productions 1999

I put a Spell on You Sirajul Midnight Sun Productions 1998

Mr. Friendly Cone American Indian, Ice Cream Man Marc Posner Productions 1998

Tree Shade Student Film Toy Store Manager(Principal) Columbia University Grad Film 1998

Picture Perfect Friend of Groom (Wedding Scene) 3 Arts Entertainment/ Twentieth Century Fox 1996

Sabrina Moroccan Waiter Paramount Pictures 1995

TV & Video:

24 Legacy Jihadi Fox Television Series 2016

Black Jesus Web Series The Juror Christen Rocket Adams, Director 2016

Sleepy Hollow Soccer Dad at Game Fox TV Series 2016

Conan O Brien Iraqui Musician NBC Television 2002

Saturday Night Live (SNL) Cuban Soldier NBC Television 2002

I am An American 9/11 promo - Unity in America MTV Productions 2001

Strangers With Candy (Upright Citizens
Brigade) Hazardous Material Man Comedy Central 2000

Strangers with Candy (Career Day) Landlord (Principal) Comedy Central 1999

New York Under Cover Detective Universal Television 1998

Swift Justice Delivery Man Universal Television 1998


Puppet Show Fairy Tale Gezon Auditorium Calvin College, Michigan 1994

Various Plays Various Roles Gezon Auditorium, Calvin College,
Michigan 1994


Rico Printer Businessman Jim Sylvano Productions 2001

Geico (Auto Insurance) Scientist Union Square West Productions 2000

Parkway Hospital Doctor (Principal) Deerfield Film Productions 1997

Kodak Doctor (Principal) Broad Street Productions 1996


C Publications Suburban Dad C Publications 2014

Bad Religion (Band Name) (Album Cover) New Age Salesman Terri Richardson Photo shoot 1999


West Michigan Fashion Show Model Iconic Styles 2016

Work: Work
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